Video Review: Shania Twain “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!”

Shania Twain, wearing a leather bodysuit, gets on a motorcycle.

Robots of various colors walk on the metal floor as Twain, wearing a black catsuit, dances as she performs behind glass with her band.

She rides through a tunnel, breaking through the dead end and landing on the street. A giant robot’s eyes open and he breaks apart from the building. His wings spread from his back and he takes off, following her. He shoots yellow light with his eyes, missing her as she turns.

She sails over a building and lands on the road. The robot places his feet on the road, stopping her. He hits his arms and she flies to the other side. She looks over her shoulder as the robot continues to chase her.

The robot clasps its arms over a bridge and forms an arch. She moves in a different direction. He spots her and hovers over her as she drives in another tunnel. His eyes turn red as his face smashes into a wall. She drives through closing doors, a white light shining onto the platform. Picking up the robot’s eye, she throws it at the glass. It shatters as the second Twain turns around on the stage. The second Twain walks onto the platform.

Rating: 5/5

Shania Twain looks over current map of giant robots hidden within the steel mountains and buildings. Two more were spotted last week. She believes at least 10 more were out there. The messages on the side of buildings warned drivers to be careful of the robots. They had been installed hundreds of years ago as a way to streamline traffic. However, the government ending switching them off once they started attacking people. But there were still some the government hadn’t found yet.

A member of the team radios to her that their is a giant robot attached to the tunnel. She says she’s on it. The ground shakes as she drives. It was close. She drives as close to it as she can, alerting it of her movement. Grinning, she speeds up as it chases her. A team member calls for her to turn and lets out a sigh of relief. Moving to her team’s directions, she hears a crash behind her. She stops her motorcycle and takes off her helmet.

On the radio, a team member tells her that he gave him a good scare. She says it was really fun and asks if there’s another one around. He says they are going to take a break for a few hours and try again. She says she’s going shopping for a while and to give her a call once they are ready. The team member tells her they will let her know.

Director: Paul Boyd Year: 2002

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