Video Review: Stormzy, Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy “Own It”

Stormzy, holding a charcoal gray umbrella walks by his friends on the rooftop. As they hold matching umbrellas, they stare at him.

A young woman sprays perfume on her neck as she sits at her vanity. She dances in front of her mirror. Back at her vanity, she puts on makeup.

In a studio, Stormzy, Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy sit in chairs while several young women stand around.

Lit in orange, Burna Boy raps in a classroom.

The young woman lights a joint with the flame from a candle and passes it to her friend, sitting on the bed. Her friend smokes it as she picks out her clothes. She and her friend pick out drinks as they walk in the liquor store.

Stormzy, Sheeran and Burna Boy dance at the club.

She and her friends walk in the city. At the club, she talks to Stormzy.

Several young women perform a dance in the studio.

She dances with Stormzy and club and talks with him on the rooftop at night.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman asks her friend for her opinion on which top to wear. Her friend points to the red top and tells her to smokes some more. She takes the joint and says she’s going to hang out with Stormzy in about three hours. Her friend says she’s going to have stop her if she starts drooling over him or any of his famous friends. They speculate as to who might be there.

Stormzy takes down notes and tells Ed Sheeran he has a date tonight. Sheeran tells the young women they are done and asks Stormzy where he met her. He says he they ran into each other at the liquor store. She recommended some wines to him. They started talking and exchanged numbers. He says he and Burna Boy are invited to come tonight and that she’s bringing her friends, too. Sheeran says he’ll come along.

At the bar, Stormzy introduces him to Burna Boy and Sheeran. They hold hands and he says they’ll meet up with them later. As they talk on the rooftop, she says his friends are really nice. He says he likes her friends, too. She puts her head on his chest and says it’s a pretty night. He asks her if she wants to be his girlfriend. She grins and says yes.

Director: Nathan James Tettey Year: 2019

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