Video Review: Cherish “Amnesia”

In black-and-white, Neosha leans against the wall of the apartment. Fallon and Neosha sit on the chairs while Farrah and Felisha stand next to them.

Neosha walks past the single chair.

Neosha bumps into her boyfriend as she sits next to him on the couch. Her boyfriend flips through stations with the remote. She takes the remote out of his hand. He cuddles with her and gets the remote back.

Fallon sits on the bed. Her boyfriend puts on his shirt and opens the jewelry box. She puts her arms around him as he ties his shoes. He stands in the doorway and walks back to her to give her a kiss.

They sit on the steps of their porch.

Farrah puts her hand over her mouth and hugs her boyfriend. He holds the keys of her new car and she takes it. She calls for her sisters to come outside and see the car.

They continue to stay in the house by themselves.

Rating: 2/5

Farrah writes out a check for the car and hands it to the teller at the bank. The teller apologizes and says she can’t use the check. The car was repossessed. She whimpers that it was her car. The teller again apologizes and says there’s nothing she can do and suggests she can call customer service. Farrah gulps as she walks out of the bank. Felisha asks her if she was able to get her car back. Farrah shakes her head and says it’s useless. Her ex-boyfriend took the car back. She doesn’t know what to do now. Felisha pats her on the arm and says she’ll give her ride when she needs them.

Farrah taps her fingers on the counter while she listens to the hold music. Noesha mouths “what did they say?” Farrah says, “nothing.” The customer service representative introduces herself and Farrah says she needs her car back right now. The representative asks for her information and says she’ll be help her once she verifies her. Farrah says she doesn’t want to let her know that information. The representative says that, unfortunately, she won’t be able to go any further. Farrah sighs and mutters the bank is awful. She verifies her information. As the representative listens, she looks over her account and says the car was her ex-boyfriend’s name and he was the one making payments. Farrah hangs up on the representative.

A young woman answers her ex-boyfriend’s phone. Farrah demands to know who she is. The young woman hands the phone over to ex-boyfriend, saying “it’s some crazy chick.” Her ex-boyfriend says she’s not getting the car back. She says it was a gift and he can’t just take it. Her ex-boyfriend explains that he paid for it. It’s on his insurance. Farrah shouts he’s going to hear from her lawyer and hangs up the phone.

Director: Benny Boom Year: 2008

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