Video Review: Liam Payne “All I Want (For Christmas)”

In black-and-white, Liam Payne sits on a stool on stage.

As it snows, he walks in the forest. His girlfriend holds onto the leash as she walks their dog in the forest.

He plays the piano on stage.

Their dog runs towards them as he and his girlfriend meet at the sign.

Rating: 2.5/5

Liam Payne yells “cut” and walks up to the stage. He talks to the actress, saying she’s supposed to be yearning for her husband to act. The actress nods and asks him another question about her character. Payne rubs his temples as he goes back to his seat in the auditorium. It was a few more weeks until the show was over. He checks his phone before he sits down and tells the actors on stage to start over again.

After the rehearsal, the pianist asks him if he’s okay. He says he’ll be all right. He just has to get through the Christmas season. Driving through the city, he sees bells and trees on the poles as he goes through the lights. Turning into his neighborhood, he averts his gaze from the multi-colored lights and inflated snowmen. Christmas usually was his favorite time of year. However, without his girlfriend, he couldn’t get into it. If she sticks to meeting to him tomorrow, he’ll accept it as some sort of Christmas miracle. Her text message confirming the date and time was the only positive interaction they had in months. He missed their dog and hoped she would bring him. The dog was likely the reason she agreed to see him.

In the forest, he walks around, his hands in his pockets, thinking of what he could say. She calls out “hey” to him and he waves back. Their dog licks his face. He rubs the dog’s ears and gives him a kiss. She says their dog has been crying and looking for him in her apartment. He asks if their dog can stay for a little while. She says it’s fine  and says she’s tired of fighting. He stands up, saying he wants to work on their problems. She says she’s willing to do that. She asks him about the show. He says it’s starting to fall into place. The actors are getting there. She says she’s still able to get tickets. He says he can get her some. She grins and says, she should get back home and kisses their dog. He takes the leash from her and says he’ll contact her once the week is up. She nods and waves to their dog. Payne watches her walk away.

Director: Eager Productions Year: 2019

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