Video Review: Debbie Gibson “Lost In Your Eyes”

Debbie Gibson plays the piano in an empty living room.

In black-and-white, her boyfriend turns to her. She lifts up her head to look at him.

Against a lapis background, she sits backwards on a chair.

Back in black-and-white, her boyfriend spins her as they dance in the forest.

She puts her arms around as they sit on the rock. They race one another in the park.

She leans against the wall of the home.

They watch an orchestra play in the park. Against a black background with a lapis streak, she sings in a black outfit. She lies in bed, holding a framed picture of him to her chest.

At night, they sit on a bench and talk. In the afternoon, she walks by the basketball court and waves to him as he plays. They play basketball on the court.

She continues to sit backwards on the chair.

Rating: 3/5

Debbie Gibson puts her clothes in the drawer of her boyfriend’s dorm. He carries in a box and gives her a kiss. She asks him if he got the marketing class he wanted. He tells her he had to choose another time. She says she wasn’t able to get into the English class. She decided to take chemistry instead. He says a group of people are going to the bar tonight. She says she’ll go.

One of their mutual friends hugs her at the bar. She pulls up a chair and bites into some pretzels. Her boyfriend puts his hand on her shoulder as he talks with one of his friends. He says they are going to play some pool. She says she’s going sit here for awhile. Their mutual friend says her new roommate is a mess. She isn’t sure how she’s going to make it through the semester. Their mutual friend waves her hand in Gibson’s face. Gibson drinks her soda and giggles. She says she watching her boyfriend. Their mutual friend tells her he really loves her and says she’s really excited for them.

Gibson takes notes in class. While her professor talks about formula, she thinks of marrying her boyfriend and taking pictures on the campus the day of the wedding. She pictures him running with their child in their home. She sees people getting up from their seats and closes her notebook.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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