Video Review: DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Big Sean “Jealous”

Men in white suits jog alongside a car on the bridge. DJ Khaled sits in the backseat, talking with one of his friends. While standing in the road, he says “we have to make sure everything’s good. I’mma put you up on game. This jealousy thing is worse than hate. I’ll explain later.” He adds that he’ll be there in two minutes and “not to get it twisted, we’ll still be living our best life. We just have to protect our blessin’s.

The men make a path for Jennifer Lopez as she walks to DJ Khaled’s car. Lopez sits in the backseat and tells him, “listen. There’s always going to be somebody who’s jealous. Someone who wants to make you feel like you don’t belong. Like you don’t deserve to be here. Stay focused. Concentrate on what’s important.” DJ Khaled nods and says he’s “going to do that.” Lopez reminds him of his son. Khaled responds “that’s what I’m about.” Lopez puts on her sunglasses and says, “let’s go.”

At night, Khaled stands with Chris Brown during a car show. Women dance with Brown. Two people compete in a race.

Khaled listens to music on his headphones and watches young women ride their horses. Lil Wayne drapes a rainbow blanket around him and raps on the lawn.

Big Sean rides a boat. A young woman, wearing a bikini stands behind him. Khaled rides a boat of his own with several women behind him. Khaled sprays a bottle of champagne.

Big Sean puts his arms around Khaled and Brown as they stand by the cars. Bottles of Belaire sit on the floor. Khaled rides a scooter.

A man in a white suit opens the car door for Lopez. Khaled walks next to her. Cameras flash as photographers take pictures of them.

Khaled talks with the women in a huddle.

Rating: 3.5/5

Lil Wayne talks with DJ Khaled about LGTBQ people’s gradual loss of rights. Khaled nods and says he doesn’t it follow it much. Wayne tells him he should. It pisses him off to see people treated as less than for simply who they love. Khaled offers him a drink and watches the young women ride the horses.

It bothered him sometimes that Lil Wayne had achieved a massive amount of success early in his career. He was hard worker and at this point, could say whatever he wanted. DJ Khaled still had to watch he said and hoped his albums sold well. He depended on Belaire and Ciroc to help his fund his videos. His friend, Jennifer Lopez, told him he had to move past being bitter. Lopez had endured plenty of backlash in her career and was able to come back from it. He was going to try to be more positive.

Chris Brown, though, wasn’t helping. While they hung out at his house, Brown talked about his legal problems and relationship issues. Khaled had to tell him to shut up and called him out for being ungrateful. Brown glared at him and said they were cool. Big Sean told him not to worry about it and just enjoy his life. He wish he had Big Sean’s attitude. Big Sean was courting Top 10 hits. He had experienced his share of his fame and was happy with he had. He excuses himself and welcomes Lopez to his party. Lopez waves hello to everybody and tells him she can’t stay long.

Directors: DJ Khaled & Eif Rivera Year: 2019

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