Video Review: The Bangles “Hazy Shade of Winter”

A clock’s hand turns on the wall. Lit in Parisian blue, Susanna, Debbie, Vicki and Michael walk down a hallway of televisions. In a clip from the 1987 film, Less Than Zero, Blair (Jami Gertz) stands in the club, lit in Parisian blue.

They perform on stage. In a clip, Clay (Andrew McCarthy) and Blair talk as they walk in the club. Julian (Robert Downey, Jr.) squeezes in the middle of them. They help him out of the club. A young woman shows off her naked butt as she dances.

In a clip, people walk around the pool at a party. Julian and Blair pull the sheets to their bodies in bed. Someone taps Clay’s shoulder as he sleeps on a bench. Blair and Clay kiss in the club. They make out while parked on the road. Julian, Blair and Clay smile as they pose for a photo at their graduation.

Rating: 1/0

Things were simpler only a year ago. Julian was on the way to being a visionary. People expected great things from him. Clay assumed that one day he’d see Julian on television premiering his new product. Clay believed he would still be with his girlfriend, Blair. However, they drifted apart once college started. Blair was in trouble. He knew it.

He sees her in bed with Julian and could only focus on her bloodshot eyes. Blair begs for his forgiveness. He puts his hands on her shoulders and says she has to quit doing drugs. She shakes her head, saying “yes. Anything.” Julian, though, had disappointed him. He could barely form a sentence. He vows to help both his friends.

Blair, though, was who he remembered. He promises to take her far away from the West Coast. It’s a place neither them really belong anymore. Blair mentions that they should help Julian. He says Julian did it to himself. Blair tells him he’s one of their oldest friends. He deserves another chance. He says he thinks Julian’s too far gone. Blair pleads with him to just try. She was able to turn herself around. He says he’ll try.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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