Video Review: The Weeknd “Heartless”

On the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Weeknd, wearing sunglasses, looks up at the golden lights of the hotel. He and his friend stumble out of his car.

At the craps table, he throws dice and smokes a cigarette while he holds his money in his hands. He stands with his hands folded across his chest in the casino. His friend watches the water from his hand drop back into the fountain. They sit on the fountain.

The Weekend drinks by the entrance of the casino. Lit in scarlet red, his friend puts his arm around his statutes. He kisses a woman. He shakes his head and stares at his hand. He lies on the backseat of his and smokes. Standing on the rooftop of a casino, he looks at the Caesar’s Palace sign.

He and his friend drive through the city at night.

Sitting in the lobby of the casino, he licks a frog. The petals of a flower blur and change color. Clenching his teeth, he watches his hand turn reptilian. He punches the air and runs past the Fremont Casino. Stopping to catch his breath, he hunches over and gags. He smiles as he watches his face in the center of the gold foil.

Rating: 1/5

The Weeknd finds some chips in his pocket. Placing them on table, he curses himself. It was money he didn’t have. However, he thinks of the last time he went to Las Vegas. A month ago? Six months ago? His friend laughs and says he was looking for the chips last week. The Weeknd wants to know more about the Las Vegas trip. His friend tells him he was really out of it. Someone found him sleeping on the sidewalk at the Fremont and talked to the clerk at the casino. He pats his pockets, saying the clerk knows and they need to hide from the police. His friend tells him nothing is going to happen to him.

The Weekend takes a hallucinogen. He has to think of plan. The police might be hiding in the corners. They know. His friend tells him not worry. However, his friend may be in on it. He shakes his friend, asking to see a wire. His friend tells him he told him the truth.

A nurse gives The Weeknd a pill. He says he’s fine and can go home. The nurse says the doctor has to make that determination. The Weeknd wails as he tosses and turns in the hospital. He searches for some of his stash and talks to his friend. He puts his hand through his friend’s head and shouts at him to stay where he is.

Director: Anton Tammi Year: 2019

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