Video Review: Billie Eilish “Xanny”

In a white room, Billie Eilish sits on an ivory bench with her hands on her leg. She sniffles as a person puts a cigarette out on her cheek. She jerks her head around and touches her face. Smoke gets blown by her. Two people burn their cigarettes on her face. She rubs her face on her sweatshirt as she gets more burns on her face. She sighs and shakes her head. Smoke follows her as she gets up from the bench.

Rating: 2/5

Billie Eilish waits for her brother to pick her up and checks her phone. It was a half hour ago and none of her friends realized she had left. They had asked if she wanted to smoke with them and she told she couldn’t. One of the young man in the group laughed and told her she had gone soft. As she left, she watched one of her oldest friends sit in the corner, her eyes bloodshot. Another friend vomits on the floor.

Her brother wants to know what happened. She explains she’s watching her friends change. She has nothing in common with them anymore since they started taking drugs. She doesn’t understand what caused them not to care anymore. Her brother explains that they could be dealing with some health issues or having problems with their family. She says she wishes they would talk to her about it rather than self-medicate. Although they include her, it seems to be mock her for not giving into peer pressure.

She says she hates school. There is no one for her to talk to anymore. Her brother suggests just talking to people in her classes and get to know them. She says she wants her old friends back.

Director: Billie Eilish Year: 2019

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