Video Review: Eve & Gwen Stefani “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”

In black-and-white, Eve and Gwen Stefani pose for mugshots at the jail.

“Earlier in the evening…” is written on the screen as cars and a group of ATVS stop at the traffic light. Stefani rolls down her car window. Eve invites her to join her friends. She gets out of her car and sits on an ATV. They drive in the city.

A fiftysomething man (Udo Kier) kisses a fortysomething woman, dressed in a black gown as he greets her at the gala.

Eve and Stefani dance by the gold patterned wall in the lobby.

People, dressed in their suits and gowns, clink their glasses and talk. Eve, Stefani and the other people park in front of the hall. They talk as people walk into the hall. Stefani apologizes after she bumps into a young woman. The young woman turns up her nose. Eve and Stefani walk in together. A second fortysomething man shouts at them. Eve’s friends stream into the hall.

The thirtysomething women glare at them as Stefani and Eve pass them. The young woman glowers while she stands at the microphone as two of Eve friends walk to the bar. Stefani pushes her away from the microphone and starts to sing. The fortysomething woman pulls out her cell phone.

Eve sits on top of the bar with two men in suits next to her. Outside, the fortysomething explains what’s going on with the police. Back at the bar, two young men (Jadakiss and Styles P) nod their heads as Eve pours them drinks.

A glass flies out of the window and onto the ground. The fortysomething woman points her finger at the window. The people dance with Eve’s friends while the fortysomething woman looks on in horror. The police handcuff Eve and Stefani. Stefani and Eve sit in the back of the police van. They stand in the line-up.

One of Eve’s friends (Dr. Dre) walks into the police chief’s office and opens a briefcase of money on his desk. Stefani and Eve laugh as they dance in the lobby.udo

Rating: 4/5

The servers talk in the kitchen about Eve and Stefani as they their trays. One of the servers says that the fortysomething woman isn’t going to be as understanding as the others. A second server comments that the fortysomething woman won’t even look her in the eye. A third server says Eve may have finally crossed the line. The second server says that other young woman is new. The third server says her name is Gwen. Gwen was telling her to let loose.

Stefani says these gala events weren’t for her. She had turned the debutante life when she was teenager. Her parents saw her as a failure since she didn’t want to be a lawyer or doctor. Eve says she had to find a place for herself at the events. Whenever she read the newspaper, she hardly see anyone like her. Eve says fighting her way into the parties is the way she get herself noticed. Stefani says there are some of her mother’s organizations that could use some changes in the status quo. Eve tells her to give her the date and time.

Stefani’s mom rushes over to her during a party and tells her she should’ve dressed in a gown. Stefani rolls her eyes and says it’s just a crop top. Eve and her friends storm into the patio. Eve sits next to Stefani’s mom and tells her about her ideas for her organization.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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