Video Review: Halsey “Finally/Beautiful Stranger”

Halsey stands on stage, wearing a white tank top and jeans, singing into the microphone in the closed bar. A server places a chair on the table. A second server cleans another table.

Against a iridescent triangle background on stage, she continues to sing as she plays a ruby red glitter guitar.  Glitter covers part of her eyes as she wears a mesh, rose pink dress. People sit at the tables and listen to her. A young woman, wearing a hat, taps his cigarette on the ashtray.

It returns to Halsey wearing the white tank top in the bar.

It rotates back to Halsey playing with the ruby red guitar. A server  carries a tray of drinks. People sip their drinks while they listen.

It continues to rotate back and forth.

Rating: 3/5

Halsey checks the glasses one more time and punches out at the register. She tells the her co-workers she’s going to sing on the stage. Her co-workers continue to clean and put the chairs on the table as she walks to her locker. Her guitar was the only thing keeping her going at this point. She’s been at the bar for three years and mentioned to her boss that she could sing. However, he brushed it off and asked her to work a double shift.

As she finishes the song, her co-worker tells her she has to go or she’ll get in trouble for still being here. She says it’s not a problem. She wants him to know. Her co-worker reminds her that he’ll fire her in a second. Their boss cares if she has an agent. Halsey says “all right” and tells everyone goodbye.

In the car, she turns on the radio and turns right towards the expressway. She switches at lanes a few times to keep herself awake. On the radio, the DJ tells people to call at 3:55 to be the next winner. She texts one of her ex-boyfriends and asks if he has anyone over. He says not now and says he’ll leave the door open for her. She texts back she’ll be there in about 15 minutes.

Director: Patrick Tracy Year: 2019

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