Video Review: Adam Ant “Room At The Top”

Adam Ant dances against a white background. While the colors rotate from green, blue and red, he sings into microphone and swings it around.

In 1780, he talks with a princess in her vanity. She climbs on her vanity and takes off her glasses. She bites into a cake, in the shape of a credit card. She slaps him with her fan.

In 1773, a second young woman sneers and kneels towards Ant. She rides a mechanical bull in the desert.

Both young women stand next to him at the microphone.

In 1790, a third young woman leans into him as she walks on the wooden fence. She kisses a piece of paper with her lipstick and tucks it in her jacket.

Four women crawl on the floor as the background colors change.

In 1789, a fourth young woman waves a flag on a ship. She gives him the Queen card.

The four women sit on chairs and move behind him as he sings into the microphone.

Ant dances against the white background as the years flip to the year 2000.

Rating: 3/5

A photographer tells Adam Ant he should unbutton his shirt. He says the young women want to see his chest. Ant side-eyes him and says it’s not him. The photographer says things have changed since he was last popular. He has to start over again. Ant cancels the meeting and shakes his hand. Ant grunts as he reads over a list of possible directors. So far, they wanted to change him or didn’t even know who he was.

A new generation was growing up. At the grocery store, he saw a shelf of teenybopper merchandise. Soaring pop ballads played on the station as he bought his food. He picks up a doll and shakes his head. The young men, unfortunately, wouldn’t last long. He had seen it back in the early 80s.

In line, he asks the cashier about her day. She shrugs and says she’s here. He tells her to give it some time. It won’t be forever. She says she scratches her head and compliments him on his suit. He says it’s vintage and tells her not to worry. She hands him his receipt and tells him to have a good day.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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