Video Review: Lizzo “Good As Hell (Version 2)”

At Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Nicole rolls up her sleeves and taps her pencil against her notebook. Her professor calls out “Miss Nicole! This is chemistry class, not music class.” Nicole runs out of her class while her professor lets them know the assignment.

The school marching band practices in the classroom. A baton twirler performs in the center of the field. The band marches on the field.

During Homecoming Week, a young woman sits in the locker in her leotards, looking at her photo with her ex-boyfriend on her phone. Her best friend kneels next to her and shakes her hand.

A second young woman strays from the field and shows off as she plays the saxophone. Her best friend tells her to quit it. The band leader shakes his head at her.

A third young woman places her drumsticks near her drum and watches her bandmates have fun in the locker room.

Nicole runs into the classroom and sits on the piano bench. While the band practices in the classroom, Lizzo dances.

The young woman stands up as her friend fixes her leotard and helps her with her eyeshadow. She and her best friend practice the dance in the locker room.

The second young woman dances with her best friend on the field.

The band performs with Lizzo inside her tour bus.

On the field, the drummers play with the third young woman and talk to her.

Lizzo eats Cheetos and passes them to the person next to her on the bus. She sits on the bleachers with the field during the game. Lizzo winks at the third young woman as they play their instruments.

The young woman dances with her teammates on the field. Lizzo nods at her. Her ex-boyfriend stares at her while she dances. All the young women smile.

Lizzo shakes her butt on the tour bus and laughs. She pretends to play the flute with the band members in the classroom.

Rating: 5/5

Nicole shuts her chemistry textbook. Her professor was constantly singling her out in class for the simplest things. She didn’t even realize she tapped her pencil on her notebook. It was a habit. However, her professor seemed to act like she was the only one who wasn’t paying attention. Her professor seemed to think that she was involved with music, she knew nothing about science. She hated the class, anyhow. Once the semester was over, her science requirement would be fulfilled. After class, she runs to the band room and plays the piano for awhile. It calms her down. She takes the sheet music and returns to her dorm room. She was going to show her professor she could pass the test.

The third young woman, in her freshman year, stood by herself in the locker room. She thought going to college everything would change. She’d have a lot of friends in band who she could hang out with after class. However, during the first week, cliques had already developed and she was left out of each of them. On the field, one of the young man asked her for her name. She smiled at him and blushed. He told her could walk over to them and play. She says she’ll remember that for the next practice.

The young woman wanted to quit the Fabulous Dancing Dolls. Her ex-boyfriend had used it as an excuse for breaking up with her. He accused her of spending too much time with the dance team than him. Rumors around the dorm was that he was cheating on her. She tells her best friend she’s going to the tell captain it’s her last game. Her best friend protests that she’s not going. She says she worked hard for her spot on the team and no boy was going to take it away from her. Her best friend does her makeup for her and says somewhere out in the bleachers, there’s a guy waiting to talk to her. On the field, she sees her ex-boyfriend in the bleachers and hits every step.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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