Video Review: Mary Jane Girls “In My House”

At their mansion, JoJo dances on the third floor platform. Candi and Maxi dance on the second, while Corvette performs on the first.

They dance on the third floor platform.

Candi, Maxi and Corvette dance on the patio in the backyard. JoJo joins them.

Candi lies on her bed. She kicks up her legs. Corvette grinds by her motorcycle. JoJo opens the blinds in the bathroom as she takes a bath. Maxi sits at the table on the balcony with a glass of wine beside her. JoJo blows bubbles from her hand as she sits in the bathtub. Maxi listens to the beach as she sits at the table.

Rating: 4.5/5

Maxi looks at the waves as they roll to the shore. She sips her glass of wine and sees a young couple chasing each other on the sand. Maxi puts her hand on her chin and turns her head away. She and her crush weren’t talking. He had told her he wasn’t able to make it over. She had gone out to the bar and saw him with another young woman. He had called yesterday but she hadn’t returned the call. She wanted to but couldn’t bear to hear the lie.

Corvette rides her motorcycle to the bar. She winks at the men as she walks inside. She gestures at the bartender, who prepares her drink. A young man sits next to her at the counter while she stirs her drink. She flips her hair and grins at him. They talk about the bar and some mutual friends. She asks him if he wants to see her new home. He asks if her roommates would be there. She says they have a plan figured out. They won’t mind. He pays for their drinks.

JoJo washes her legs while she takes a bubble bath and dries herself off. She puts on her lingerie and looks on the balcony. There was a young man who walked by almost ever night. He paused one night and looked into her eyes. It must’ve been a week since she’d seen him. After waiting until midnight, she closes the glass door and heads to bed.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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