Video Review: Niall Horan “Put A Little Love On Me”

In a cobalt blue lit room, Niall Horan walks towards to a piano. He sits down at the bench and begins to play. A spotlight shines on a young woman, wearing a red dress. She looks over her shoulder at Horan. She performs a ballet routine.

They each separately to a three-way mirror. He places his hands on hips and looks at himself.

Lit in sea-green, she continues to dance on a screen behind Horan. She watches him rub his chin as she stands on stage. She touches his chin on the screen.

He walks by her as she stands in the spotlight. They stand together at the piano.

Rating: 2/5

Niall Horan claps his hands during his ex-girlfriend’s solo as she performs on stage. She was becoming a star and didn’t even realize it. While they were dating, she would often point her toes as they sat at the dinner table. She’d usually stay late at work, perfecting the choreography. She’d return home and try to stay awake when they watched television. He told her she needed her sleep and told her to get some rest. During auditions, he had to get her to eat. She’d eat at her food and tell him she doesn’t want to know. He told her to eat some more.

Mid-way through auditions, they broke up. He’d been checking out the website to see the results. In the corner, he saw her face on the program. He grinned, elated for her and wishing he could’ve celebrated with her. He hoped she was taking care of herself. Her nerves had to be getting to her.

Backstage, he left the roses for her. She somewhere, talking with her friends and relieved her performance went well. One of her friends passes by him and waves. A second friend of hers tells him she’d be glad he came. He tells the second friend that if she wants, she can let her know that he stopped by. The second friend says it was good to see him. He waves goodbye to her and leaves.

Director: Cameron Busby Year: 2019

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