Video Review: Des’ree “You Gotta Be”

In black-and-white, Des’ree walks to the center of the stage. She gestures with her hands. She dances as three versions of herself stand by her.

During a close-up, she looks to the left of her.

It changes to Des’ree wearing a white outfit against a black background and rotates several times.

She dances in the center by herself.

Rating: 2/5

Des’ree jots down questions as the defendant’s lawyer talks. The defendant’s argument was based on flawed logic.  She stands up and points out an error. The judge agrees with her. A partner nods at her. She had worked on hundreds of cases. However, if she did well on the current case, she’d be considered for a promotion. Becoming a partner would give her more say in the cases and allow for some flexibility.

While she cross-examines the witness, she takes apart the defendant’s argument. The witness kept looking at his lawyer for guidance. His lawyer objected after every question until the judge told him to stop. The jury seemed to be pleased and shocked at the same time. However, juries were unpredictable. She could dispel every myth in the opposing counsel’s argument and still lose, if the jury hated her.

The jury, though, sided with her. The plaintiff was cleared of any wrongdoing. Her client thanked her for helping him. She told him she believed in his case. Back at the office, she fills out the paperwork to become partner. Her paralegal wishes her luck. She says she knows she can do it. Her paralegal tells she’s a fantastic mentor. She puts the paperwork in her boss’ inbox and says goodbye to her paralegal. She had to try.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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