Video Review: Ellie Goulding “River”

In the Dungeness in Kent, United Kingdom, a ship lies abandoned. A dirty blanket covers some outdated electronic equipment. The wind blows Ellie Goulding’s hair as she watches the waves roll to the shore. She stands by a sculpture.

A young man picks up some rope. A young woman carries a box. A second young woman drops some stuff in the box.

Goulding watches a young man kayak in the river. He picks up a piece of paper. Goulding puts a plastic water bottle in the box. A third young woman carries a branch. Two young women fill a man’s box with wire.

Goulding leans against the wall.

The young man fishes.

Goulding and the other people take the boxes into a barn. Goulding smiles at a young woman while she cleans off a tube. Goulding works on an ornament and holds some bows.

She and the group look at their Christmas tree.

Rating: 5/5

Ellie Goulding walks around the desert, searching for other places her group could clean. She checks her watch. They had a few more hours. She texts the young man on his kayak, letting him to come back. He’d be gone for almost 2 hours. He was expected to be back a half hour ago.

He returns to the desert with his box and says he was able to get some debris from the river. She opens bags and says he found some good stuff to they could use for the tree. He asks where everybody is. She points and says they are on the other side. He says he couldn’t believe the trash in the river. She shakes his head and says some people don’t care. He says it’s disgusting.

She and the young man help with clean-up along the shore. A second young man says his box is heavy and he can’t carry anymore. Goulding says he can take it back to the barn and they can start sorting and cleaning. As everyone begins to sort, she says they should take a break and get some lunch.

Goulding and the group walk back from lunch. She cleans some piping at the table and paints it. A third young man writes down what they found in a list. A fourth young woman sketches some ideas of the tree. Goulding looks over the sketches and says the second one is her favorite. The fourth young woman says it’s hers, too. Goulding tells everyone they can go home and says tomorrow, they’ll decide on a design and create the tree. The fourth young woman waits for her as she puts on her jacket. As they walk to her car, she tells Goulding she’ll pick her up tomorrow morning.

Director: David Soutar Year: 2019

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