Video Review: Soul For Real “Candy Rain”

In black-and-white, Jase, Bri, Choc and Dre sing into the microphones on stage. They meet with Heavy D., who asks them “what’s up?” He asks his partner and CEO, Andre Harrell, what he thinks. Harrell responds, “I like ’em.” To Be Continued…is written on the screen.

Six months later, as written on the screen, their driver drops them off.

Jase dances against a cornflower background.

They dance on stage behind a silver beaded background.

They stand together against a black background.

At the photo shoot, Harrell gestures for Jase to come over. Bri sits in the makeup chair. They work with the choreographer. Jase talks with Harrell.

Jase spins against an orange background.

They watch the dailies. After filming, they greet their friends and girlfriends and walk out of the studio.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jase shakes his arms and tilts his head as he walks back to the microphone. His boss, Andre Harrell, told him to be loose and assured he was doing a good job. Jase grabs the microphone and sits on the floor, as suggested. The director calls out “cut!”

Choc analyzes his movements on the dailies. He thinks he was off by a second. Jase stares at the footage and looks at the director for a sign. The director points to the screen and says he plans to cut away and that the entire scene won’t be used.

Bri and Dre talk to their girlfriends on break. Bri’s girlfriend says they are going to be huge. Dre’s girlfriend says she really likes the song. Dre puts his arm around her and gives her a kiss. She asks if she can be a love interest in the next video. Dre answers with “of course!” She says she’s so excited and that her friends are going to be so jealous back home. Bri whispers to his girlfriend they can sneak out for a little bit. His girlfriend giggles and they walk out of the studio.

The direcor calls out for Bri. Dre says he’ll get him and sees him making out with his girlfriend. Dre taps him on his shoulder and says the director wants him back on stage. Bri sighs and kisses his girlfriend. She holds his hand as they walk back inside. Jase stands by the microphone, nodding his head while he thinks of the choreography.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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