Video Review: Liam Payne & Cheat Codes “Live Forever”

A shirtless Liam Payne stands in a cave on the Isle of Wigt, located in England. At dusk, he walks on the rock. He stands in the ocean. He sits on a mountain.

KEVI, Trevor, Payne and Matthew ride in a car at night. Payne holds on while KEVI does donuts. Payne hangs out the the window and pats the top of the car as it turns.

Payne jumps high in the air. He runs on the cliff and jumps in the water.

Payne continues to stand in the cave.

Rating: 3/5

Liam Payne flexes his muscles as he stands in the cave and lets out a scream. He walks, arms at his side and looks back into the cave. He’ll remember the spot as the place that changed him forever. He can finally answer who exactly he is. A beefcake who sometimes sings. Somehow, that’s enough.

Trevor texts him to meet them at The Boathouse for a drink. He texts that he’ll be there in about a half hour. One drink shouldn’t hurt. He’s been trying to cut back. He thinks of his son who might see drunken photos of him someday online. It usually curbs any impulses to overdo it.

KEVI, Trevor, and Matthew say they are returning to their campsite. Payne says there’s something he must do. He walks to the mountain and jumps into the water. He pushes his wet hair back and walks in the ocean. A ranger sees him and waves for him to come back. He motions that he’s okay. The ranger walks to the shore and says he has to return to his lodging. Payne towels himself off and sits in the back of the cart.

Director: Similar But Different Year: 2019

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