Video Review: Bardeux “When We Kiss”

A car drives in the desert. Jaz and Acacia stand by their car and wait. Their boyfriends ride towards in a motorcycle.

Jaz watches her boyfriend leave her home. She and her boyfriend chase one another around the pool. He falls into the pool and kisses her. Acacia plays the guitar in their bedroom as her boyfriend kisses her neck. They fall into bed.

Acacia stands by herself as Jaz’s boyfriend spins her in the backyard. She watches Jaz playfully hit her boyfriend with a towel as they walk outside. Jaz feeds her boyfriend a strawberry. Acacia walks away from her boyfriend in the desert.

Lit in Parisian blue, Jaz and Acacia sit on the couch together.

Acacia’s boyfriend slams the guitar on the floor. She holds him in bed. Acacia chases after her boyfriend on the beach and rides on the back of his motorcycle.

Acacia and Jaz sit on wicker chairs and look at the beach. Their boyfriends touch them on their cheeks and leave. Acacia walks with an umbrella. Jaz smiles and rests her head on Acacia’s shoulder.

Rating: 3/5

Acacia grits her teeth as she folds the laundry and watches Jaz kissing her boyfriend as they walk on the beach. Her boyfriend takes the towel out of her hands and puts her arms around him. She kisses him. He says he has something for her.

In their bedroom, her boyfriend plays her a song on the guitar. Acacia tells him it’s good. Her boyfriend tilts his head and says she’s just saying it. Acacia says she means it. Her boyfriend says she doesn’t know what’s going on her with her. She’s been acting weird ever since they came over to visit. He wants to know if it’s Jaz. Acacia stands up and shouts “no!” He says he just wants her to be honest with her. She lies on the bed with him and says she loves him.

Acacia takes Jaz aside and says he knows. She doesn’t know how her boyfriend picked up on it. However, he knows they were involved at some point. Jaz asks her “how?” and wants to know if he talked to her boyfriend. Acacia tells her he’s in her bedroom. Acacia says she was looking at her with her boyfriend and got so jealous. Jaz puts her head down and sighs. Jaz says they have to think of something but neither of their boyfriends can know.

Acacia tells her boyfriend that she was worried about Jaz and that was all. Her boyfriend apologizes for blowing it out of proportion and says he should’ve known. They are just like sisters. Acacia says she’s going to miss him. He says he’ll miss her, too and packs up his stuff. In the hall, Jaz stares at Acacia. They were going to be able to be alone again.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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