Video Review: Stormzy & Headie One “Audacity”

Lit in lapis, Stormzy runs from a semi driving on the road and turns towards a building at night. He walks into the teal-lit building.

He gets into a car with his friends. They run with two duffel bags. Stormzy throws one bag over the fence and climbs it.

Stormzy stands on top of the semi while two of his friend ride motorcycles in the front.

Two flames flare up in torches as Stormzy walks on the platform inside the building. A row of people stare ahead as he raps in the center of the aisle. He stands between chains in another room.

He carries the two duffel bag past two burning people. People run behind him. He drops them and notices several guards blocking an entrance. Three motorcyclists circle a fire. Headie One joins him by the fire. Lit in lapis, a 10-year-old boy puts a wire crown on his head.

Rating: 4/5

Stormzy races through the aisles of the hardware store and fills his duffel bag. His friend grabs his arm and says they have to go right now. Stormzy says he tried to get much as he could. His friend tells him they’ll be able to use whatever’s left.

Walking into the building, he sees the rows of people waiting for instruction. There was only hundreds of them left. The others had been killed or disappeared. He tries not to think of his family. It’ll make things worse. Some of his family were hunting him and his friends. He had to forget the memories with them. They had to save whatever remained of their city.

Stormzy climbs on top of a semi, trying to run over his friends. The semi-truck driver attempts to throw him off. However, he was able to get inside and take control of the vehicle. As he drives, he asks the semi-truck driver who he answers to. The semi-truck driver says he’s not saying a word. Stormzy swerves. The semi-truck driver gives him a name. Stormzy hangs his head. One of his oldest friends, who once was on their side, was working for the enemy. Stormzy shoves him out of the truck and follows his friends.

He knew where his oldest friend was. Stormzy tells his leader the information. The leader pats him on the shoulder and says he’s sorry. Stormzy says there’s nothing to mourn and says he’s ready. The leader says Stormzy is going to sit the mission out. He’s too close. Stormzy says he can’t sit by. The leader assures him he can help develop the plan but he can’t actually be there. Stormzy nods but says he’ll listen and trusts him to make the right decision. However, he’ll join his friends on their mission if something goes wrong.

Director: Taz Tron Delix Year: 2019

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