Video Review: Gina Thompson & Missy Elliott “The Things You Do (Bad Boy Remix)”

A young man sits up in bed and listens to Gina Thompson’s phone message. While at the park, she stands at the payphone and talks to him. She hangs up the phone and walks in the park. She leans against the brick fence and dances. She sits on a bench next to Puff Daddy and the Notorious B.I.G.

Back at home, she sits on a couch. She hugs her boyfriend. They hold hands and say hello to Missy Elliott, who pulls up in a convertible. They hang out and talk with her. They get in the backseat and listen to music as they drive in the city.

Rating: 3/5

Gina Thompson tells her boyfriend to have a good day at work on his answering machine. She looks at the time on her watch. He should be up by now. They had planned to go the park. However, he had some mandatory overtime come up. He had asked her to call him up and remind him. Otherwise, he’d sleep in and miss it.

He paid attention to the details. Within their first month of dating, he picked up on the fact she winced whenever she didn’t like the taste of something. He knew to put his towels in the laundry. They had gotten in their first fight over it. She had started marking things on a calendar after she forgot one of his family events. After a year, they knew each other well.

Her best friend, Missy Elliott, loved to hang out with him. She had told her she had found a good man. Thompson says it’s really important to her that she likes him. Elliott tells her he looks out for her and truly loves her. Thompson blushes and says they are going to be moving in together. Elliott squeals and says they have to celebrate at the club tonight.

Director: Andras Mahr Year: 1996

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