Video Review: NF “When I Grow Up”

In a class, the children sit in a circle and say what they want to be when they grow up. The first girl responds that she wants to be a dentist. The first boy says he wants to be a police officer. Another girl says she wants to be a veterinarian. A young NF says he wants to be a rapper.

NF rides on the side of the garbage truck. He drags the cans and bags into the back of the truck. He sits in the back as truck goes from house to house.

He stands with a mop and bucket in an office building. He cleans the floor.

At a fast food restaurant, he hands a customer his order. He takes out the garbage and talks to his co-workers in the kitchen. The customer complains about his order at the drive-thru. NF climbs through the window and on top of the customer’s car. He sits in the customer’s car. His manager runs out of the restaurant and yells at him.

Two 16-year-old young men watch him rap in a warehouse. As he jumps around, a crowd of people cheer for him as they stand behind the barricades. He thanks the crowd and walks into the bathroom. He washes off his face and looks into the mirror.

Rating: 3.5/5

NF sits at the kitchen table and tells his 3-year-old daughter to eat her green beans. She throws one at him and giggles. His wife slaps her hand and tells her to apologize to her daddy. She says she’s sorry and says she wants ice cream. His wife tells her not until she eats her green beans. Their 3-year-old daughter cries and he says he’ll take care of it. He lifts her out of her highchair and holds her as she cries.

While his family sleeps, he writes his raps on the laptop in the basement. He rubs his eyes, saves his work and closes the laptop. Over the weekend, he’ll have time to compose the beat. He cuddles next to his wife in bed.

NF drives to the waste department of the city. It was decent money. He clocks in and puts on his vest. On his route, he sees people pulling out their driveways as he picks up their bags. He was grateful for the job. Before working for the city, he had two part-time jobs. Between the day shift at the fast food restaurant and starting at midnight as a janitor, he was barely home.

On his break, he looks up places to submit his demo tape and favorites the links. He had to try, at least. He thinks of what the money could do. His wife and daughter won’t ever have to worry about money again. They could settle their debts. Some people laughed when he told them about his rap songs. However, it was a dream to him. He wasn’t going to stop because of them.

Directors: Patrick Tohill & NF Year: 2019

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