Video Review: Macy Gray “I Try”

In a hotel room, Macy Gray turns on the lamp on the nightstand and sits up in bed. She puts on eyeshadow in the bathroom and walks to the elevator. She glances and sees a couple holding onto one another. She leaves the hotel and walks outside.

A server takes her dish at the restaurant. The server pours her another cup of coffee as she looks away from another couple, sitting together by the counter. She buys some flowers from the street vendor and sits at bus stop. While sitting in her seat on the bus, she sniffs her flowers.

On the sidewalk, she looks for the subway sign and takes the steps. She rides the escalator to the platform and waits for the train to stop. She sits in her seat in the empty train.

She runs in the park, smiling. Her boyfriend waves to her as he waits by the fountain. She touches his face and kisses him.

She stands by herself and looks at the grass.

Rating: 5/5

Macy Gray picks at her breakfast as she looks out the window of the restaurant. Her boyfriend was somewhere in the city and she’ll be seeing him soon. Last time they talked, he mentioned he spent his afternoons in the park.It was his favorite place in the city. She had tried contacting him again but kept getting his answering machine.

While waiting for him to show up online, she decided to buy a plane ticket and surprise him. They hadn’t seen each other in months. Back when he first moved to the city, he kept saying for her to visit. She told him she had to save up. It would take a chunk out of her bank account. However, they’ll be together for a little while.

In the park, she waits for him at the fountain. After 45 minutes, she asks someone if there’s another fountain. The young woman shakes her head and says it’s the only one. She sits for another hour, thinking she may have misheard the time. Placing the flowers on a bench, she gets up and leaves. She sees a subway entrance but passes it. She wants to walk for a few hours.

Director: Mark Romanek Year: 1999

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