Video Review: Thomas Wesley & Morgan Wallen “Heartless”

At the carnival, Morgan Wallen gives Thomas Wesley a hug. They walk past the Ferris Wheel, lit in lavender. Wallen stands by the water.

Wesley and Wallen play a shooting game. Wallen waits for Wesley as he rides. Fireworks go off as they walk around and talk.

Lit in teal, they take pictures as they lean against a railing.

They watch people ride on the swings. They clink their plastic cups of beer as they sit for a caricature drawing. They play the ring toss game. Wesley reaches over and puts some rings on a few bottles. Wesley jumps high to score a point in the basketball net as they play. They get into a limousine.

Wallen sings on stage while Wesley spins.

Rating: 3/5

Morgan Wallen nudges Thomas Wesley and says it’s a great drawing of them. Wesley grins and asks him if he wants to play a game of basketball. He answers “sure” and says he’ll beat him. Wesley laughs and says that he’s going to win this time. At the final second, Wallen scores the winning point. Wesley exclaims “what?” and says he must’ve been practicing.

A park employee asks them to pose for a picture. She gives them a voucher and says they have until tomorrow to redeem it. They stop at the store and look at the photo. It was the first time his friend had smiled in a long time. Wesley says he’ll buy two of them and gives one to Wallen. Wallen thanks him and says it’s been a fun day with him. Wesley says they should spend more time together.

Wallen folds the caricature in his wallet. He’s been having a tough go of it lately. Wesley reached out to him and asked him to perform at his show. Wallen wasn’t really up to it. However, Wesley told him it may make him feel better. Getting up on stage and seeing the crowd dance to the song helped. Wesley gives him a hug at the end at the show and tells him they have to get together again soon. Wallen says he’ll call.

Director: Brandon Dermer Year: 2019


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