Video Review: iiO “Rapture”

A neon lime green logo lights up a skyscraper at night in the city. Markus looks out the window as he drives.

Lit in aqua, Nadia steps into a room. Lasers throughout the room turn and scan her body. The computer places its scan of her on the screen.

Lit in lime green, Markus stares into the distance. Rain pours on the window.

Wearing a red dress, her image duplicates as she dances in the room. The lasers read her eyes. While she dances, she’s projected onto the skyscraper. Markus rolls down the window and looks at her. He rolls up his window and continues to drive.

Rating: 3/5

Nadia could see the people walking on the sidewalk. She watched as people ate dinner in the skyscraper across the street. She saw a couple argue in a taxi at the traffic light. The computer had been able to replicate her entire self. The developers were confounded as she described her the offices within the skyscrapers. They asked her if she ever had the abilities before becoming a hologram. She said it was new. The developers whisper amongst themselves.

All further sessions were cancelled. She questioned them every week as to why. They wouldn’t give her an answer. She believed the program had gone too deep. She was only supposed to be an image, not an omniscient being. While walking to work, she stared up at the skyscraper and could feel the power within her. She became a part of the city for a night.

People knew who she was. They looked at her, as though they remembered from somewhere. A young woman asked her if they went to school together. Nadia had a flash of familiarity. The young woman had been in the car with her boyfriend, shouting as she pointed at the building. Nadia tells her they never met and presses the elevator button.

As she walks into work, people gasp as she passes by them. She sits at her desk and her boss asks to speak with her. He asks her about the experiment. She says it failed. Her boss says the developers want to scan her body again. She asks him why. Her boss shrugs and says they refuse to tell him. She says she doesn’t trust them and won’t let them near her again. Her boss says she has no choice. She says she can’t stay here and walks out the office.

Director: Andrew Hylton Year: 2001

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