Video Review: Coldplay “Everyday Life”

In South Africa, a fiftysomething man explains the meaning of ubantu. He says it’s a word that means humanity. While two thirtysomething women dance, he says “you’ll always need the next person, you know what I mean? So one hand washes the other. So the one hand does need the other to be clean.” He continues to says “it’s your brothers, your sisters, even when they are strangers You are supposed to help them.

A 10-year-old boy walks in an alleyway in South Africa. A 10-year-old walks on the street in the Ukraine. A 10-year-old walks into a light store in Morocco. Back in South Africa, a little boy sits on his older sister’s shoulders. Three young women, wearing red dresses, dance in a junkyard.

Chris plays the piano on the beach.  A sixtysomething man sits by his rug and prays. Two young women stare into one another’s eyes. A sixtysomething woman kisses another woman’s hand and hugs her. A second twentysomething woman dances with a red sheet in the Ukraine. A 12-year-old boy rides his bicycle past a graffitied wall. The band performs on the beach.

The three young women dance in a rope cage on the beach. A fortysomething man leads a camel as he walks in the desert. A mother brushes her daughter’s hair. In South Africa, children peer through a fence. A twentysomething man plays the violin in the corners of buildings. Children sit in class and listen to their teacher.

Rating: 5/5

The two young women hold hands. Their love wasn’t a secret. Both were hesitant about being open with their relationship. They hid it out of fear from their family. However, being with each other made it okay. They knew they would be all right. They were in their first serious relationship together.

The sixtysomething woman takes care of her next door’s neighbors grandchildren. She tells them to wash their hands. She notices an 8-year-old boy standing outside by himself and invites him inside. She asks him about his parents. He says they aren’t home. She says they’ll call them after dinner and finds him a seat.

A twentysomething man plays the violin as he takes a walk. Music is the only thing keeping him alive. He sees a a young man turn down their coffee in the shop. He offers to pay for it with the money he earned from playing. The young man says he’s grateful. The twentysomething tells him to have a good day and drinks his coffee as he walks out the shop.

Director: Karena Evans Year: 2019

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