Video Review: Fefe Dobson “Everything”

A teacher hits the alarm on his desk. A young man in the front row leans over to glance at the young woman’s test. Fefe Dobson marks in her answers. Roy (Leonardo Nam), a character from the 2004 film, The Perfect Score, snores in his chair.

Dobson sits within the circle for fefe as Roy sleeps. He wakes up. Dobson watches as Anna (Erika Christensen), also a character from the film, walks into class and gives a note to the teacher. Dobson gets out of the circle as Roy fills it in with his pencil.

She stands against a black background.

Anna and Dobson both smile as Roy stretches his arm. Roy holds his crotch as he walks up to the teacher’s desk. The teacher gives him the bathroom pass.

Dobson leans against the triangle in a math problem.

Roy and his girlfriend sneak into the A/V room. She walks down the hallway and sees a sign stating “Battle of the Bands – Auditions Today.”

She and her band perform while the judges grade her on whether she’s killer, rockin’, aight or weak. Roy gets up from the floor and watches as she auditions. His girlfriend giggles. The judges, Roy and his girlfriend dance along as she sings.

She dances in her seat and Anna grins at her. She gets up from her desk and hands in her test.

Rating: 5/5

Fefe Dobson fills in the third circle. It was a guess. She skips the next question. She thinks she knows the answer but wants to take some to think about it. Moving onto the next page, she’s able to answer those easily. It was on the study guide she was reading before class. She returns to the previous question she left blank and looks over the test again. It was a B+, at least. She knows she did well and starts to dance in her seat.

In her next class, Anna leans over to her and says she’s relieved the test was over. However, she think she should’ve studied more. Dobson says she felt good about it and hopes she does pass. Anna says she dreads his tests. Dobson nods and says she stresses out every time, too. Roy makes a joke with the teacher before class. Anna and Dobson smile at one another. Anna whispers that he’s such a goof. Dobson says she couldn’t say half the things he says out loud.

After class, Roy compliments on her dance. Dobson blushes and says she didn’t even realize she did it. Roy says it was cute. Anna asks him how he thinks he did. Roy answers, “D+” and pumps his arms. He says he doesn’t expect anything less. Dobson says he likely better than that. Roy puts his fingers to his lips and says it’ll be their secret. Anna laughs and says if he’s going to sit with them at lunch. Roy shrugs and says he has to stop at his locker first. While Roy walks away, Anna nudges her and says she thinks Roy likes her. Dobson shakes her head and says, “no way.” Anna says she’ll be able to figure it during lunch.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2006

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