Video Review: Mabel “Loneliest Time of the Year”

Mabel watches the snow fall inside her bedroom. She sits on the bed.

People put food on their plates at a Christmas party. Mabel stands in front of the table.

She puts her hand on her forehead as she stands in front of the three-way mirror.

People hug one another and sit on the couch with her in the family room. They drink wine and exchange presents.

She dances with several young women in the backyard. She sits on the windowsill and watches the snow.

Rating: 5/5

Mabel bites into the turkey at her work Christmas party. Two of her co-workers talk to one another about their plans for afterwards. She gets up and stands in line for a beverage. Her boss asks her if she’s having fun. She puts on a smile and says “yes.” Her boss tells her to make sure she gets some more food. She says she will and tells bartender her drink. They only serve soda. She says she’ll have a Sprite.

She swirls her straw in her cup as she walks around the banquet hall. In the corner, she sees a young man from accounting whisper in the ear of her co-worker in marketing. A young woman asks for everyone’s attention and says the White Elephant will begin. She had spent hours trying to think of a fun White Elephant gift. While grocery shopping, she picked up some wrinkle cream.

Her boss calls out a co-worker’s name. He chooses a present underneath the tree and opens it. It’s a Michael Kors purse. Mabel puts her hand on her forehead and hopes no one picks hers. She sighs with relief as people walk past it. However, the next person opens her gift. Her co-workers comment that the person was really insensitive and offers to get them something else. Mabel sets her cup on the table and gets her keys out of her purse. She slips out of the room as her boss continues to call out names.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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