Video Review: Ariana Grande “Santa Tell Me”

Ariana Grande and her friends play underneath the champagne sheets in her bed. She sits up in bed and giggles. Her friends dance in place with her in bed. Grande and two of her girlfriends stand on top of the bed and shake their butts.

Wearing a Merry Elfin’ Holiday sweater, she walks up the stairs while her friends dance by the wall.

Divided in two squares, one of her male friends looks up at one of the young women at the top. The male friend dances by himself.  Wearing the Merry Elfin’ Holiday Sweater, she also dances by herself. She dances with her friends on the steps.

Divided into four squares, her friends wave at one another. Within the nine squares, Grande holds her dog over face as her friends dance.

She and her friends sit on the floor and dance in the foyer. They exchange presents at the tree and dance.

In bed, Grande puts a white bow on her butt. She and her girlfriends have a pillow fight. She winks at the camera.

Rating: 5/5

Ariana Grande pours a glass of spiked eggnog for one of her friends in the kitchen. She laughs as it spills on the counter. One of her male friends declares they are all cut off and takes the bottle for himself. They chase him into the family room. Grande places her hands on her hip and catches in her breath as she stands by the tree. She puts on some Christmas music and says they should open the presents.

She hugs one of her friends who gave her a pair of boots. One of her friends squeals as she opens her gift. Grande shows her dog his gift. She smiles as one of her friends brings a gift to him and says it’s just for him. Her dog sniffs the box as she tears off the paper.

She brings out some cupcakes and hands them out to her friends. Her dog pouts at her and she gives him a cookie. She says it’s time for some Christmas movies. They recite their favorite lines and pause to replay certain parts over. At around 2 a.m., she puts her head on her friend’s shoulder and falls asleep. Her dog jumps on her lap and sleeps.

Director: N/A Year: 2014

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