Video Review: Charles & Eddie “Would I Lie To You?”

In two squares, Eddie’s left eye is paired with Charles’ right eye.

They walk on a golden brick road.

Against a slate background, the outlines of their bodies painted in sky blue. It changes to black background with their bodies in lapis.

They walk through an orange building and sit at the curb. Charles smiles in the first square as he stands by the building. In the right square, his hand covers the building. In two asymmetrical squares, Eddie walks on the bridge.

A young woman, wearing a violet spotted dress, walks on the sidewalk.

Cut into two squares, Charles continues to walk on the bridge, his head enlarged while his bottom half becomes tiny.

The young woman sits cross-legged on the sidewalk. A second young woman moves her shoulder as she leans against the building. She looks to Eddie, who smiles.

Eddie looks up at two skyscrapers, which are cut in half. He walks behind the second young woman. The second young woman puts her finger in her mouth as her body is divided into three squares.

They talk with a third young woman on the rooftop. They continue to talk as the sun sets.

Rating: 2/5

Eddie chats up the second young woman, saying he’s a one-woman guy. The second young woman shakes her head and says she’s heard that line before. He raises his hand and swears it’s the truth. She points to Charles and says he has an honest face. Eddie puts a hand to his heart and gasps. Eddie says it was nice meeting her and tells Charles he’ll talk to him later.

Eddie apologizes for bumping into the young woman as he walks. She says it’s not a problem and asks if he knows where 4th Street is. He points to the next street and tells her to turn left. She says thank you and walks away. Eddie walks into the clothing store and looks through the racks of clothes. The young woman opens the door as he reaches for it. She says she’s not stalking him. He says it’s fine and asks if she was able to find 4th Street. She responds “yes” and says she’s not familiar with the area at all. He says the city confused him when he moved here a few years ago. She pulls a map out of her purse and says she’s been looking at it all the time. He explains the trick he learned on how to navigate the streets. She says maybe she’ll run into him again. He says that could be a possibility and asks for her number. She scrawls it on a piece of paper and gives it to him.

Charles holds his the second young woman’s hand as they walk in the park. Eddie sits on the bench with the young woman and waves to him. Eddie introduces the young woman to them. The second young woman tells the Eddie’s girlfriend that he had heard about a lot of her. She adds that he’s a really good person. Eddie smiles and says it wasn’t always like that, though. She grins and says she thought he was a sleaze at first. The young woman laughs and says Eddie has shared some of “miss” stories with her.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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