Video Review: Ed Sheeran & Ella Mai “Put It All On Me”

In Armenia, Stella brushes paint over Paul’s body. As they dance, the screen reads that they were friends for 11 years. He told her his feelings for her and she said she felt the same.

In Washington, James and Renae, who a part of the Lummi Nation tribe, perform the love dance, which they “learned as’s their first time performing it with a partner.”

In Zanzisar, Stephanie and Tyson, dance while on their honeymoon. Nassir and Khadija dance in their village. The screen reads that met during Ramadan, married in 2009 and own a spice farm.

In Dallas, Texas, Fahad and Aisha sit on a couch at their reception. The screen reads that Sheeran and Seaborn “crashed Fahad & Aisha’s wedding.” She wipes tears from her eyes as the screen explains that Sheeran is her favorite singer.

Diana opens a note in Guatemala. She walks with Cristian. The screen reads that they grew up in Antigua together and that he asked her to be his date for the dance.

Nellia and Dietmar of Durmersheim, Germany, look at a framed photo of themselves. As they dance in their family room, the screen reads that they’ve been married for 49 years. Caroline and Petra dance in Cologne. According to the caption, they’ve been together for 30 years and married in 2001.

Back in the United States, P.J. and Noah dance in New York. The screen reads that “their wedding dance went viral.”

Jennie and Kamel dance on their porch in California. The screen reads that they married in 2017 but were unable to be together their first year. U.S. Immigration separated them. Somewhere in Texas, two ballerinas, Karina and Rupert walk their baby. The screen reads that met while performing in the Tulsa Ballet. They’ve been together for 8 years.

In London, England, Ed and Cherry dance in their kitchen. The screen reads that they liked each other in high school and “made out at the Castle on the Hill.” He kisses her as the screen reads that they “reconnected and there were fireworks.” While she cuddles next to him in bed, the screen reads that they married in January 2019 .

Ella Mai puts on earrings in front the mirror. As she sits in a wicker chair and looks at her phone. She runs to the door and meets her date. The screen reads that “she just swiped right.”

Rating: 5/5

Ed Sheeran raises his glass for a toast for Fahad and Aisha. He performs one of his songs as their first dance. During a break, Fahad asks if he was able to eat anything. Sheeran says the food was wonderful. Aisha thanks him for showing up and says it’s the best night of her life. Sheeran says thanks for letting him be apart of it. He poses for a picture with them and says he’s going to check in with his wife.

At the table, she talks with some guests. He puts his glass down and asks if she’d like to dance. She excuses herself and takes his hand. As they dance, he tells her he’s incredibly happy with her and says he always knew it was her. Seaborn rests her head on his shoulder.

Back at home, Seaborn looks through photos of their last trip to Zanzisar. She shows him a picture of Stephanie and Tyson and says they were such a fun couple. She shares the photo on her social media and tags them. Sheeran laughs as he reads a text from Tyson. Seaborn leans in to read it and says he’s a character. Stephanie sends a direct message, saying they should get together soon. Seaborn says they should come to London or they could meet somewhere in Europe. Stephanie says she’ll run it by Tyson and they’ll decide. Seaborn kisses Sheeran on the cheek and tastes the sauce. She tells him it’s ready. He looks into her eyes and smiles at her.

Director: Jason Koenig Year: 2019

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