Video Review: SWV “You’re Always On My Mind”

Coko opens the door of her car. One of their male friends ask them why they have to go. She explains they have to go the studio. Leelee says they have to work. A second male friend (Flex Alexander) says they’ll just show up at the studio. Leelee tells them “to keep fantasizin’.”

Coko, Leelee and Taj lean on a piano while they sing rehearse the song with one of their male background singers. Some young men sit on the couch in the studio and listen to them. A young man dances on the sidewalk near the party store at night. Leelee, Coko and Taj sing outside the party store in the afternoon.

Coko sits next to their male background singer on the piano bench. The two other young men hold onto Taj and Leelee. Coko puts her arm around their background singer. He jokes with her.

Rating: 3.5/5

Coko drinks some water and asks their background singer if he wants to hang out after work. He says he can for awhile. Leelee nudges her and winks. Coko whispers for her to stop it. The male background singer says he’ll find out their secret. Leelee shrugs and says, “maybe.”

Taj kisses her boyfriend. Leelee breaks gets up from her boyfriend’s lap and checks the window. Taj tells her the boys back home didn’t follow him. Leelee says they may someday. Taj’s boyfriend tells her to come here and says he’ll take care of it. Coko says she doesn’t trust them. They talk to them but they have a hard time getting away. Taj says they were almost late because of them.

Leelee’s boyfriend holds her hand and says they wish they could be dating them. Leelee says they’re some guys they know from school. Taj says she can’t believe she used to have a crush one of them. Coko says one of the young men still thinks he has a chance. Leelee groans and says they should get going. They wave goodbye to the producers and walk with their boyfriends.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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