Video Review: Stormzy “Do Better”

In black-and-white, Stormzy listens to a song in the studio. He raps into the microphone while the producers move the dials on the soundboard. He texts on his phone while he waits.

Stormzy works on Stormzy Fridays fliers for the Glastonbury Festival 2019 and sits next to his producers in photos.

The stylist finishes putting makeup on his face. He gets up from the vanity. He talks to a young woman from the record company. He smiles as he walks on stage. He puts his arm around a friend in the dressing room. Wearing headphones, he lays his head on the keyboard.

He bounces a ball and practices on a mat. People film him as he opens a door. He looks out the window of the venue. He talks in a meeting. Shirtless, he laughs as the photographers take his picture. He unwraps an award from Youtube. He chooses a backpack from the clothes rack and walks with it.

He blows kisses to his fans and touches their hands while they stand behind the barricade. He poses for pictures with them. Holding a glass of champagne, he talks to his team. He does push-ups on a bar outside. Back at the rack, he looks at a white sweatshirt. Stylists brush makeup on him. He walks on stage.

A message reads: “thank you to everyone on this incredible journey with me.”

Rating: 5/5

Stormzy listens to the interlude. Something wasn’t working. It had to be perfect. It was Glastonbury. He puts down the headphones and says he’s going to take a break. He drinks some coffee and does some push-ups outside. While doing the push-ups, an idea crosses his mind. He runs back to the office and says he an idea they could try. He records it and the producer says it sounds great.

A young woman from Glastonbury’s team gives him a hug and says she’s looking forward to the show. He says they are still trying to get it right. The young woman says if there’s anything she can do to help. He thanks her but says he has it under control.

During the meeting, he says he was able to complete the interlude and says it can be added into the show. A young man on his team wants to know where it’ll be placed. He says it’ll be around the middle of the show. A second young man makes a suggestion. Stormzy says it’s a good idea and changes his mind. Stormzy asks if anyone has questions. They reply “no.” He says he’ll see them sometime during the day and walks to his photo shoot.

As he looks on stage, he can’t believe he’s there. He tells the crowd he loves them and thanks them for a wonderful night. He walks backstage and hugs his best friend. His best friend says it was an amazing show.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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