Video Review: The Party “In My Dreams”

Against a black background, Tiffini, Chase, Albert, Deedee and Damon close their eyes as their heads roll across the screen.

They dance on behind a three hanging sheets of bulbs. It changes to them lit in pure white silhouette, creamsicle orange and black-and-white.

Against the black background, Tiffini’s head turns. Wearing a gold dress, Deedee dances against the black background. Wearing a zip-up navy blue jumpsuit, Deedee dances against a gray background.

Tiffini jumps on the lights and looks up at the ceiling.

They dance against the black background, changing colors from aqua to a light yellow.

Their heads continue to spin against the black background.

Rating: 1/5

Tiffini flips her hair and puts on makeup while DeeDee warms up her vocal cords. Wearing headphones, Chase raps along to his favorite as he listens to music. Tiffini rolls her eyes. Deedee gestures for him to cut it out. Chase takes out his headphones and says he got really into.

Damon and Albert go over the choreography. Albert says he lost count and wants to start over. He slides on the floor as Tiffini passes by him. Tiffini pulls back and talks with Deedee. Deedee suggests they go out shopping afterwards. Tiffini says she’d rather go home. She has a long drive. Chase offers to drive her. Tiffini tells him that’s okay.

Deedee reads a textbook as she eats her breakfast. Tiffini looks through a fashion magazine. Chase and Albert talk about the basketball game last night. Tiffini grimaces at them when Chase’s drink spills on her magazine. Chase offers to get a napkin and cleans it up. Tiffini shakes her head and says she can get it. Chase says he didn’t mean it. Tiffini says it’s not the point and now she has to go back to wardrobe. Damon comments that Tiffini’s not in a good mood today. Deedee chimes in that he shouldn’t be so annoying. Albert says he’s not getting involved and leaves the table. Damon pats Chase on the shoulder and says Tiffini will get over it.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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