Video Review: Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”

At about 6 a.m., a fortysomething woman cracks egg into a bowl as she sits at the kitchen table. She checks her watch and rolls her eye. Cyndi Lauper slides down the sidewalk and dances back home. She talks to her mom, the fortysomething woman, in the kitchen.

In the middle of the night, her father hangs up the phone as she stands by it. She talks to her friends on the phone.

Against a beige background, she stands with her friends. It becomes a ball and bounces across the hunter green screen.

She watches a movie on television.

She and her friends dance in a line in the street. Her friends and the people in the city follow her home. She opens the door to her bedroom and lets everyone inside. While everyone dances, she puts on some music. One young man carries several boxes of pizza. Her date calls for her. She kisses him as her father opens the door. The door breaks as people land on him. Confetti falls from the ceiling as she and her friends continue to dance.

Rating: 5/5

Cyndi Lauper checks the clock. It was 11 p.m. She was supposed be home by now. It was her dad’s new rule. Her best friend asks her she should get going. Lauper says she can stay a little bit longer. Her friend says she doesn’t want her get in trouble and not be able to come over anymore. Lauper says she won’t let that happen. At around 1 a.m., she falls asleep in her sleeping bag.

While walking back home, she says hello to the newspaper delivery boy and says good morning to her next neighbor as she goes to work. She walks in the house and says she’s home. Her mother asks where she was all night. She was at her friend’s house. Her mom tells her a young girl like her shouldn’t be out all night. People could get the wrong idea. Lauper rolls her eyes and pours herself some orange juice. She says she wasn’t doing anything wrong. She says her older brother stayed out late almost every night. Her mom says that was her brother. She’s talking about her. Lauper says she’s going to bed.

As she watches television, her father says they are going to have a talk. Lauper crosses her arms and glares at him. He says she’s going to have to follow the rules around here. She retorts with “or else what?” and walks off. Her father tells her to come back here. She puts on her jacket and says she’s going for a walk. Her father tells her to not leave the house. Lauper slams the door as she walks out of the house.

Director: Edd Griles Year: 1983

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