Video Review: DJ Khaled, Travis Scott & Post Malone “Celebrate”

Three soldiers, frozen in place, point their gun at an apartment door. Inside the apartment, a young woman spins on a pole while people drink. Another soldier kicks in the door of a bedroom. In the bedroom, Post Malone sits on the bed, holding a cigarette. DJ Khaled stands by the mirror and watches two young women embrace. With a cigarette in his mouth, money flies around Malone.

DJ Khaled checks his watch in front of the mirror. Water sprays from the sprinkler on the ceiling.

Lit in teal, the soldiers taser Travis Scott as he runs in the street.

DJ Khaled and Scott stand inside an abandoned building.

Cars speed down the expressway. Soldiers climb on top of the cars and lie on the ground. DJ Khaled sits in his car. He shoots his gun.

Lit in teal, Scott runs with a duffel of money. Lit in lavender, Malone throws his cigarette.

As his car explodes, DJ Khaled points his gun. In the bedroom, Malone prepares to raise his hands as the soldiers aim their guns at him. Khaled stares at his shattered glass. Lit in teal, Scott levitates in the air. DJ Khaled listens to music on his headphones while his back is on fire.

Rating: 4/5

There was no time to warn DJ Khaled and Post Malone. Travis Scott runs down the street, the duffel bag of money in his hand. He screams as the soldiers taser him. He flies in the air and lands on the ground.

Malone whips out the money as the young women kiss. DJ Khaled tells the ladies they’re doing a good job and drinks his liquor. Malone says he plans on buying another car with the money. Khaled asks about Scott and says he was supposed to be here by now. Malone says he’ll be there. DJ Khaled and Malone turn to each other as they hear shouts and cries. They nod to one another.

Malone sits in the jail cell, his hands over his head. He shouldn’t have gotten involved. However, DJ Khaled promised they would be able to get away with it. However, Scott was in the hospital after running from the soldiers. Malone asks for his lawyer. While he smokes in the interrogation room, he confesses to the crime. He has no idea what Khaled is going to do and he wants to distance himself.

Khaled visits a dying Scott in the hospital and vows to avenge him. While in speeding down the expressway, he shoots at the soldiers as they come towards him. The soldiers fire at his car and he climbs out of it. As it explodes, he points his guns to the soldiers. He wasn’t going out to give himself up like Malone or sit in a cell for the rest of his life. He was going to go out on his terms.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2019

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