Video Review: Drake “War”

Lit in electric blue, Drake smokes at a party. A friend holds a plastic cup in his hand. Several people stand in the corner and talk.

He and his friends stand in the snow and warm themselves by the campfire at night. He rides around in a snowmobile. He pulls down his ski mask and stops on the trail. He and his friends ski. He rides the lift.

Back at the party, he dances while his friends continue to talk.

Rating: 2/5

Drake challenges his friends to a race on the trail. He darts across the snow, knocking one of his friends over and pumps his arms at the self-proclaimed end. He says he’s the winner as his friends struggle to get up. One of his friends says they are going to just going to ski for fun.

He peels away on the snowmobile, spitting snow in his friends’ faces. His friends sit and wait for two hours for him to talk to them again. His friends talk amongst each other. Some of them decide to ride back to the cabin. He gets off the snowmobile and asks them where they are going. They tell him they are turning in for the night and they’ll see him tomorrow.

At the party, his two female friends glare at him while he distances himself from them. One of his female friends says he’s ignoring them the entire time and only paying attention to his assistants who are being paid to be there. One of his female friends says she got a flight back home and she’s going upstairs to pack. The second female friend says she’ll help her. Downstairs, some of his friends ask where the girls went. Drake says he doesn’t know. He looks around in the rooms and walks upstairs. He sees them packing and  wants to to know why their packing. The first female friend says he knows why and leaves.

Director: Theo Skudra Year: 2019

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