Video Review: Will To Power “Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley (Free Baby)”

In the recording studio, the producer presses the record button. The pianist begins to play. A copy of Fredrich Nietzsche’s Will To the Power sits on the soundboard. Elin looks at the same book on her table as she leans against the wall.

Bob walks on the dock while the sun sets. He rides his motorcycle.

Elin sings in the studio. Bob sings in the studio next.

Elin walks on the dock and dances.

They sing together in the studio. She tugs at his t-shirt.

He continues to walk on the dock while the sun sets.

Rating: 3/5

Elin closes her book and stares at the ocean. Her boyfriend, Bob was going through a tough time. He had told her he wasn’t good enough for her and took off in his motorcycle. She hadn’t heard from him in a month. She hoped he was okay. Her mother told her to let him go. However, she really loved him. She’d take him back even if he confessed to sleeping with every woman in town. She needed him to be there with her.

She walks on the pier and looks for him in the ocean. Back at home,he had a boat and they sailed every weekend. They would drink and make out in the afternoon. He had put his arm around her and said they had enough food to last them for another two weeks. They could reach the shore and find jobs at a seafood diner. They could start over. She told him it was a nice dream but they had to go home.

Bob cleans off the table at the diner at the seafood restaurant. He gets his paycheck from his manager and stuffs it in pocket. Before work, he’ll cash the check. The money needs to be in his account. His rental fees were adding up. During his break, he calls his Elin on the payphone but hangs up once he hears her voice. She won’t want to bail him out. Not after what he did to her.

He drinks a beer as he walks to his boat after his shift. A young woman taps him on the shoulder and says she’d like a walk back home. He squints his eyes and realizes it’s one of the servers at the diner. She says it was a long night. He says it was. She says she’s so tired. He says he can stay with in his for the night. As they walk in his boat, she kisses him and he leads her to his bed.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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