Video Review: Halsey “Clementine”

At the aquarium, Halsey and her brother sit back-to-back on the stairs. They sit up and nudge each other. As they watch the fish swim, they dance while they lean against the railing. He sits against the glass as she shields her eyes and looks left to right. She takes his hand and they link arms. They poke each other in the chest.

She sits at the railing and reaches out her hand. He taps her on her shoulder. She sticks her tongue out at him. He pulls her into another section of the aquarium. They both one hand over an eye. She puts her hands on her lips and yells at him. He leans against the column as she slides on the glass.

Rating: 2.5/5

Halsey looks at the fish and asks her brother if she remembers the last time they went to the aquarium. He says it  was about 10 years ago and their parents trying to make it a good day for them. Halsey said she barely looked up at her phone. She was texting her then-boyfriend the entire time. Her brother says he was mad because he wanted to go home and play his video game. Halsey says she took it granted. Her brother tells her he missed her when she moved out. Halsey says he couldn’t live there anymore.

Her brother tells her she was brave. She was willing to break their rules and make her own path. He says he made it easier for him. She says she can’t wait to see his apartment. He says she can stay over whenever she wants. She slaps him on the arm and tells him to get her room ready.

Halsey says they should get together for dinner at least twice a month. They don’t talk much anymore. Her brother says he knows of a few places she might like. She laughs and says he has weird taste. He tells her it won’t be anything squiggly. She says he has to tell her the name first and she’ll look up the menu online. He pouts and says it won’t be fun that way. She retorts that she has to be prepared. He puts his arm around her and says he wants to see the reptiles.

Directors: Dani Vitale & Anton Tammi Year: 2019

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