Video Review: Dustin Lynch “Ridin’ Roads”

While the sun rises, Dustin Lynch’s face blends into the background. He bows his head as a truck drives on the road. His girlfriend’s face blends into the road.

On the left and tilted sideways, he and his girlfriend take a drive. To the right, he folds his hands.

The wheel turns in his girlfriend’s eye. She raises her arms as she stands up in his truck.

The car drives within his hat and around his girlfriend’s body. They hold one another as the road passes within them.

The moon shines within his girlfriend’s face. They toss rocks into the river, which is blended within his body.

As he drives, he puts his arm around her while she puts her head on his shoulder. They continue to drive at night.

Within his body, they get out of his truck and walk to the lake at sunrise. They kiss and he lifts her up. He places her on the hood of the truck.

Rating: 5/5

Dustin Lynch watches his girlfriend as she closes her eyes and falls asleep. He’ll let her rest. She hasn’t been feeling well lately. At her first doctor’s appointment, she thought it would be a minor procedure. She came home crying and told him she was afraid. He asked her about her next appointment and waited for her during the tests. He was scared something was going to happen to her. But he had to be strong for her.

On Monday, he went with her to her follow-up appointment. Although they had an idea of what was to come, they didn’t have an official diagnosis. He sighed with the relief when the doctor said he hadn’t found anything and prescribed her medication. She continued to shake as she sat in the chair. Although it was good news, it took a few days for the anxiousness to wear off for her. He wanted to take her somewhere. She needed to get away.

While on their drive, he tells her she means a lot to him and he’s going to step up more. She says he’s been there for her. He explains she’s going to need extra help now. He can’t assume she feels okay and everything’s back to normal. She says she wants thing to be normal again. He says their normal has changed and he’s going to take care of her. She rests her head in his shoulder and says she loves him. He puts the car in the park and says he loves her, too.

Director: Mason Dixon Year: 2019

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