Video Review: Linda Ronstadt “I’ve Got A Crush On You”

Linda Ronstadt, wearing a strapless sequined black dress, walks up the microphone on stage and starts to sing. A twentysomething couple walks in and takes their seats. The young woman smiles at her husband. A fortysomething woman, holding her cigarette turns away and watches the servers in the lounge.

A twentysomething man walks into the lounge and pauses to stare at Ronstadt. At his table, he takes a pink rose and walks to the stage. Wearing a white dress and holding the rose, Ronstadt rests her head on his chest as they dance.

She continues to sing on the stage. The customers claps. A server stops with her tray and claps.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething man taps Linda Ronstadt on her shoulder and hands her a pink rose. He says she has a beautiful voice. He asks if he can sit down next to her. Ronstadt says it’s okay. She orders her meal and he tells her he was in town and heard from his co-workers that he had to visit the lounge to see her. He says his co-workers rave about her. She blushes as she sips her drink. He says he must go out with her before he leaves. Ronstadt tells him it’s possible.

While on her date with him, they walked in the park and kissed. He promised to call her  once he returned home. She kissed him on the doorstep. He whispered to her that he won’t forget the night with her. However, as she closes the door, she knows she’ll be a memory to him soon. She liked him but she knew not to fall.

On Sunday, she walks around during her set, talking to the audience about love and romance. One couple is celebrating their 20th anniversary. A second couple is on their date. A second young man asks her out on a date. Ronstadt smiles and says she has to return to the songs. She walks on stage and continues to sing.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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