Video Review: Tyga “Goddamn”

A sixtysomething man strums a guitar in a country and western bar. A thirtysomething man falls asleep in the booth. A freckled thirtysomething woman sips her drink. The sixtysomething men and several women sit at the tables and stare at their drinks. Tyga bursts through the door with his friends. The people turn to stare at them.

Tyga guzzles the sixtysomething man’s drink and stands on a bale on hay on stage. He raps on stage. A thirtysomething couple clinks their glasses. A twentysomething woman dances in her seat.

A young woman sits across Tyga’s lap on the bed and shakes her butt.

The young woman dances with Tyga by the mechanical bull. Two young women clean a pig. A thirtysomething women hits the red “goddamn” button. The women ride the mechanical bulls. Tyga plays the banjo in the hay.

Tyga leads a line dance with the people in the bar. He stands by a wall of plaques and drives a yellow sports car. A Michael Jackson impersonator dances in the bar. Tyga and the Michael Jackson impersonator dance by the wall of plaques.

Rating: 2/5

Tyga tells his friends he wants to shock some Caucausian people in the southern town. One of his friends says the people will be calling for them to leave. Tyga and his friends enter the bar and he takes over the stage. Some of the younger people were receptive to him. However, he was surprised to see the older men into it.

While getting drinks, the older men tell him he’s not as bad as they thought he was. Tyga nods and asks which one is his granddaughter. His friends snicker as Tyga continues to talk with them. The sixtysomething man points to the corner and says his granddaughter is sitting by herself. Tyga says he’ll see him at the wedding.

Tyga puts his arm around the sixtysomething’s man granddaughter and asks if she’d like go to the barn with him. She turns and says her grandfather would kill her. Tyga tells her it’s even better. She takes his hand and giggles. His friends put rap music and blare it through the speakers. They dance with the older men.

Directors: Tyga & Arrad Year: 2019

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