Video Review: Zedd & Kehlani “Good Thing”

Zedd plays piano at an expensive restaurant. He thinks of his boss screaming at him to “stick to the setlist, no modern, no jazz, okay?” He watches the servers rush back and forth while his boss shouts at them. He turns to Zedd and asks him, “who do you think you’re looking at, Beethoven. Get over there and play!”

He overhears a fiftysomething man ask the female server to sit on his lap. One of the men says he “just made a hundred thou today so I think we’re getting the appetizer.” A sixtysomething women tells a male server that she wanted French wine, “not that swill from Napa.” A twentysomething woman tells her friend that “I told William if we don’t get back to the French Riviera in the next month, I’ll absolutely will lose my mind.” He starts to play a modern song.

The boss shouts at the cooks to move faster. The customers watch as Kehlani walks into the restaurant. She walks through the kitchen and opens her locker. Her boss says she’s late. She changes into server uniform. During her shift, she carries trays to her tables. The twentysomething woman spills wine on her uniform.

She changes and dances with the servers in the lounge. The boss watches her as she returns to the kitchen. She throws her uniform at him and takes a drink off the tray. She grabs a customer’s coat and scarf. She drinks a second young woman’s drink and spits in the twentysomething woman’s face. She steals a spoon, licks it and sticks in the boss’ crotch.

She holds a rose while she sits on the piano as Zedd plays.

A twentysomething man asks for the check. She opens it and reads his business card. She replies, “Hmmmm. Just the tip.”

She and the servers dance by the tables. The servers tip over bowls and glasses on the tables. Their boss calls the police.

While the credits roll, the boss tells Zedd that he’ll “never work in this town again!”

Rating: 5/5

Kehlani and Zedd fill out the paperwork at the unemployment. Zedd tells her that their old boss sent him an invoice for $1,000. He says it was itemized down the minced garlic. Kehlani tells him not to pay it. Their old boss likely inflated the prices anyway. Zedd says it was worth it. He says the customers’ sickened him. Kehlani says she had an CEO of a Fortune 500 company slap her butt and proposition her. She had to remind him it wasn’t a brothel.

Zedd says he hopes to get work in an office. Kehlani says she’s going to take some time off and travel. He asks her she wants to go. She says she wants to go the New England states. However, she really wants to go to Europe. But she doesn’t want have enough money. Zedd says once he saves some money, they plan a trip. He’d like to go, too.

Zedd stands at the printer and waits for the forms to be faxed. In his pocket, his cell phone vibrate. Once he sits down, he smiles as he sees a picture of Kehlani standing by a lighthouse in Connecticut. He texts that she really did it. She responds that they have to get to Europe and says he better be putting away the money for Europe. He says he has a special account set up for it. Kehlani says they’ll start planning once she comes back.

Director: Warren Fu Year: 2019

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