Video Review: DaniLeigh & Chris Brown “Easy (Remix)”

DaniLeigh gets out of the truck. Chris Brown films her with his video camera as he closes the door. She asks him, “Are you ready?” He responds, “for what?” She says she’s going to teach him some choreography. Brown puts the film camera at his side and says, “you’re going to teach me how to dance?” She says that yes, she is. He opens the door of the studio.

He films her as she puts her duffel bag in the cubby hole. She puts her hand over the camera and smiles. They warm up. He watches as she shows him the steps. They go over the hand movements together. He walks over to her and puts his head to her face as she dances.

Brown stands in front of a mirror. Two more mirrors are added while the lights change to electric blue. He dances by the mirrors. DaniLeigh watches herself as she dances in front of the mirrors. They dance together.

Rating: 4/5

Chris Brown puts his hands on DaniLeigh’s hips and kisses her cheek. She giggles and says they have to work. He shrugs and says he understands the choreography. She asks him to perform it for her. He dances it for her and says it that hard. DaniLeigh tells him he was off by a half a step. They should at least go over it a few more times. He puts his head on her shoulder and groans. She tells him just a half hour.

After the half hour, Brown says he’s hungry and asks if she wants to go to lunch. She says she’d like to but has another class. He suggests seeing her tonight at the club. She says it would be fun. However, she adds that she doesn’t get involved with her clients. Brown tells her no pressure.

Brown holds her hand as they walk into the club. She grins and pulls her hand away, saying she can’t. He puts his hand in hers again and says they’re just good friends. The bouncer lets them inside. He says he’ll get her a drink. She finds a table and watches people dance. He hands her her drink and says she’s glad she came out with him tonight. She sips her drink and says she’s never been to this club before. He takes her by the hand and says he has to introduce her to the DJ. He waves to the DJ and she shakes his hand. Brown mentions she’s an awesome choreographer. She says it’s nice to meet him.

As they walk to the dancefloor, he puts his arms around her waist and she closes her eyes. She turns towards him and kisses him. Brown grins and says he knew. She puts her hand over her mouth and says she has to go. He tells her it’s not a big deal. She walks away, tapping the Lyft app on her phone.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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