Video Review: After 7 “Can’t Stop”

Kevon, Keith and Melvin dance on the sidewalk in the city. An aqua light flashes on the building as they dance.

A young woman laughs as she leans against the building. She puts her hands on her face. She and her boyfriend run in street. He puts his arms around her as she leans against the building. They sit together on a chair left on the sidewalk.

Kevon, Keith and Melvin dance by a fence.

A second young woman, wearing a nightgown, closes her eyes as a lightbulb swings by her in the hallway. She puts her head on her boyfriend’s stomach as she lies in bed.

A third young man flips his hat and dances inside a building. A third young woman looks out the window. She turns to look at him.

A fourth young woman lies in bed and lets the light dot her body. The fourth young woman hugs the third young man. They dance in silhouette. She dumps a bucket of water on him.

A fifth young woman leans against a car. She and her boyfriend make out in the car. The third young woman smiles as the fifth young man plays drums on the sidewalk. The young woman laughs as she sits on the front of the young man’s bicycle.

Kevon, Keith and Melvin continue to dance on the sidewalk.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman sits by herself on the sidewalk. A young man asks if he can photograph her. She shrugs and says it’s okay. He snaps a photograph of her and introduces himself. He says he’s currently working on a project and would like to include her photograph in it. She says his name sounds familiar. He hands some paperwork and asks her to sign. She says she think she saw an exhibit of his in the newspaper. He smiles and says it was him.

She didn’t plan to fall in love with him. However, she liked to listen to him as he talked about art. She learned about the various techniques and angles. While he was away, she bought herself a notebook and sketched. As a kid, she drew all the time but stopped once she joined sports. He hung up her drawings around their house.

The second young woman sighs as the lightbulb goes out. There was always something that needed to be fixed. She walks into the bedroom and says “no more for today.” Her boyfriend strokes her hair and asks her what’s wrong. She says their apartment is falling apart. All the little things keep breaking at once.  He says he’ll get to it tomorrow and kisses her. They sleep together. She rests her head on his chest as she sleeps beside him. He was right. It was only a lightbulb. He’ll get on the landlord to fix the air conditioner and some fans in the meantime. She was really lucky to have him.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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