Video Review: Britney Spears “Oops!…I Did It Again”

At Mission Control, the flight controller sees on his screen that Mars Lander has landed. He asks for Mars Lander to “report his status.” Mars Lander reports that the gravity status is effective. The flight controller sips his coffee and asks “any sign of habitation?” Mars Lander looks around and says “not so much as a-” He interrupts himself and picks up a Britney Spears album. He picks up saying, “whoa there, horsey.” The flight controller says the young woman is cute and wants to know what it is. Mars Lander responds, “it’s cute all right. It couldn’t be…” The ground shakes and the flight controller wants to know what’s going on. Mars Lander’s jaw drops as he watches Britney Spears appear in a red catsuit.

She and several dancers perform a routine in a cave. Mars Lander aims at his device at Spears. A young man breathes fire. Several people pull levers on the top floor.

Spears dances in a room of a string of red bulbs.

Back in the cave, she puts a harness on Mars Lander and pulls him up. He watches as Spears lies on a metal star. The flight controller turns up the volume as his co-workers gather around his desk. She runs and leaps over the rock to talk to Mars Lander. She takes off his helmet. He hands her a ring and she walks away. He reaches out for her and puts his head down as he walks to the spaceship.

She continues to perform a routine with the dancers. Mars Lander dances on the rock. The flight controller dances at his desk as he eats.

Rating: 5/5

Mars Lander lands back on Earth. He asks the flight controller if the government has planned any press conferences. He can’t wait to tell the world. The flight controller tells the government has classified the information they found. The public won’t ever find out. Mars Lander groans and says it could change the world.

Lander makes copies of his files and saves them on his personal drive. People deserved to know there was life somewhere in another planet. He looks a picture of Britney Spears as he develops the next mission to the planet. He’d see her again. However, it was to take over the planet. His order to capture her and bring her back. The government wanted to information from her and hide her. She would never have a life again.

On his cell phone, he calls up a few reporters and lets them know he has the scoop of the century. Some of the reporters humored him. One reporter, though, asked for him to send information to verify. He sends over the files and tells her not to tell anyone. The reporter emails back that she’s going to present it to her editor. He buys plane tickets and puts in his two weeks notice. A week later, he calls for a follow-up. The reporter says her editor laughed at the story and said they weren’t a tabloid. The story isn’t going to run. Lander pleads with her that there has to be another way. The reporter says there’s nothing she can do and wishes him the best. Mars Lander puts his head in his hands.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 2000

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