Video Review: DaBaby & Offset “Baby Sitter”

Against a black screen, a message reads: “The following was filmed in front of a live studio audience. ” The title card says the name of the show, which is The Fresh Princes of Beverly Hills.

A fortysomething guy wipes his nose with a hanky and turns around, saying “okay you little assholes, listen up.” Offset smokes while DaBaby reaches for some money.The fortysomething guy tells them that “your mom is out of town and I am sick of cooking and cleaning for you ungrateful little fuckers.” The studio audience erupts in laughter. They throw money around as the fortysomething says, “I got you a babysitter…” The babysitter walks into the house, looking at her phone. DaBaby and Offset throw money at her. The fortysomething guy explains the rules. “Rule number one, no drinking. Hands off my Henny. Rule number two, no smoking.” DaBaby flips him as the audience continues to laugh. He says for the last rule is to “not to fuck the babysitter.”

The babysitter films herself as she stands by the staircase. DaBaby dances by her. Offset plays with some toys on the coffee table while DaBaby pretends to be riding a motorcycle.

Against a sky background with clouds, DaBaby, with a skeletal body and wings, rotates on the screen. Offset hits DaBaby with a pillow on the couch. The babysitter talks on her phone as she sits on the curb. DaBaby (whose face is on a baby’s body) raps inside the stroller.

DaBaby, Offset, the babysitter and the fortysomething man play basketball. Offset waves his finger at DaBaby at the kitchen table. They eat large bowls of cereal. The babysitter brings them  a gallon of milk and places it on the table. In a toy car, DaBaby sticks out his tongue and shows off his money and speeds off down the sidewalk. A toy police car turns on its sirens and chases after DaBaby.

The fortysomething man dances in the backyard. He sits in the ocean with his chair and dances on the beach. Back in Beverly Hills, the camera lands on the babysitter’s chest and she flips them off. The toy police car turns over. Animated flames cover it. The babysitter sleeps on the couch, her phone slipping from her fingers.

Rating: 2/5

“The Fresh Princes of Beverly Hills” sparked controversy before it even aired. People were writing hot takes on Twitter, saying it was inappropriate with problematic plot points. The actress, who played the baby sitter, defended her role, saying it was empowering and pointed out the scene where she flips off the camera man. “She’s not someone who’s going to let herself be taken advantage of.” Leaked spoilers, though, indicated the baby sitter having an affair with the stepdad, caused her to double down on her comments. The fortysomething man, who played the stepdad, distanced himself from the show and apologized.

DaBaby begged his boss to let him promote the show. He says it could find an audience. His boss told him the network was worried. Advertisers had threatened to pull their spots unless the network did something. DaBaby writes on a post on Instagram, saying the show was a labor of love and please to give the show a chance before judging it. As he responded to comments, he sees on his feed that the show was cancelled.

DaBaby calls Offset for help. His record label won’t release an album. Offset says he can try. However, he isn’t sure he can do much. He’s scrambling for features himself. DaBaby scrolls through an entertainment show magazine and grits his teeth. The fortysomething man smiles in a photo as he walks the red carpet with his girlfriend.

Director: Reel Goats Year: 2019



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