Video Review: S.O.A.P. “This Is How We Party”

Heidi applies mascara in front of the mirror in her bedroom. Line looks at her t-shirt and jeans as she turns around in front of the mirror. She had already tried on two dresses and a crop top with matching skirt. All three outfits were rejected. Heidi kisses the photo of her crush. Line holds the framed photo of her crush (the same young man) against her chest.

Wearing bathrobes, they dial their phones and make calls. Their parents say goodbye to them as they leave. They take off their bathrobes once their parents leave and walk back into the house. Dozens of their classmates run to their house. Iridescent rings, with Line and Heidi’s faces, fall on the screen.

They dance in their house and greet their classmates at the door. Their crush locks his sports car as he walks to their door. They smile and put their hands on his shoulders. He dances with them and they cringe. They welcome a second young man to dance with them. They kiss him on the cheek and he faints. People dressed as vegetables walk up to their door.

Their parents walk in the door. Their mom faints once she sees two young men dressed as penguins. Their father laughs. All their classmates leave. Line and Heidi walk arm-in-arm with the second young man. Some people continue to dance inside their home.

Rating: 2.5/5

Line and Heidi stuff their backpacks and walk into the family room. Heidi says they are going to study with their friends. Their mom responds with a “uh-huh” and reminds that they are still grounded. Line says it’s a difficult test. Their mom asks them where they are really going. Their father jumps in and tells their mom to cut them some slack. Their mom shakes her head and says they can go. Heidi asks for the keys. Their father hands them to her and winks at them.

Heidi pulls up to their friend’s house. Their friend asks them how they were able to get out the house. Line explains their father felt bad for them. He had talked to them after their mother bawled them out. He told them their mother had a right to ground them. However, he believed it was too severe of a punishment. He said he had done the same thing as a teenager. He says they had to pay them back for the carpet cleaning, though. But they were warned not to do it again. He just didn’t want them to lie them again. Heidi giggles and then says, “we lied!”

Line, Heidi and their friends wave glowsticks at the concert. Heidi checks the time and says they have to go. Her friend says they can’t stay for one more song. Line says they don’t want to break curfew. Their friend picks up her purse and gets out her keys.

Heidi turns the key in the door and sees their parents sleeping on the couch. Line tiptoes up the stairs. Their father wakes up and waves. He grins and whispers if they had fun. Heidi says they took pictures at the concert and they’ll show him pictures tomorrow. Her father gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells her to get some sleep. She says she’ll talk to him in the morning.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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