Video Review: Sigala & Ella Henderson “We Got Love”

In Bangkok, Thailand, Parrot, Bluebird, and White Dove drive together and pause at their stop. Parrot puts his hand on the bathroom, Bluebird applies black marks under her eyes and White Dove kisses her ring during the pre-race rituals.

Parrot, on his bike, stares at the road. Bluebird, in her tuk tuk, glances over at White Dove in her go-kart. They step on the gas and turn in three different directions. Mike drives into an alley. He welds a part of his bike in the garage. Bluebird dances by her tuk tuk. She opens the garage and runs her hand over the steering wheel. She turns the key in the engine. White Dove puts on her helmet.

Bluebird stalls in the market. Several people push the tuk tuk for her. Mike fuels up in the garage and takes off again. White Dove makes some adjustments and heads onto the road. People wave at her as she races past the shops. Two young women grasp the fence and watch White Dove, Bluebird and Parrot finish their race. One of the young women dances in the background.

Lit in scarlet red, the young woman dances in the street. Bluebird, Parrot and White Dove walk in the street with a group of people behind them. They dance in the street with the group of people.

Rating: 5/5

Bluebird takes a bite from the skewer as she walks to a table. She texts Parrot and White Dove, letting them she’s stalled. Someone at the shop was gathering some tools for her. She wasn’t going to win the race this weekend. Parrot passes by her table and she cheers him on. He’s been working really hard on his bike lately. There had to be at least $5,000 in improvements on the bike alone. He deserves a win.

White Dove makes the third lap around the neighborhood. She hasn’t seen Bluebird once. Usually, Bluebird beats her every time. Hearing a rattle, she parks her go-kart and takes a look at it. A young man lets her know that Bluebird is going to be late. She checks her phone and reads the text from her. She texts that she’s going to go back to her garage and get some parts for her. Bluebird texts back “thanks!”

Parrot takes off his helmet. He sees Bluebird behind him. She finally caught up. He had to admit he was worried. She was competitive and never missed a party. Last year, she coughed throughout the entire race. Parrot and White Dove took her to the hospital, although she assured him she was okay. She stayed in the hospital for a week. Parrot raises his arms in the air. Bluebird claps for him and presents him with the trophy. White Dove says she’s ready to dance. People pat Parrot on the back and tells him it was a good race.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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